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Dennis Gagne ist seit 1987 bis heute unser Caller, hier abgebildet mit seiner Frau Gertraud. Sein Werdegang, ganz amerikanisch:

Born: Chicago, Illinois.  Family with (2 younger brothers & 2 younger sisters) decided it was too cold in Illinois so we moved to Sierra Madre (Pasadena), California in 1962. Drafted into US Army 1966 and spent 18 of 20 years in overseas assignments (Vietnam, Belgium, Panama, Italy, Germany). Retired from military service after 20 years as Chief Warrant Officer and live in Germany since 1981. (love the beer!)

Schools: Pasadena High School, Whittier College, San Luis Obispo, Georgia Military Tech, Associates of Arts Degree (AA) in Computer Science & Military Management

Family: My wife Gertraud, is from Bad Tölz, Germany and is a registered nurse currently working at the Dialysis center in Leonberg. In her 'spare time' she is Instructor / Choreographer for the Renegades - Quicksteppers' Clogging team in Leinfelden.

Children: Jeff - married to Christine again living in Phoenix, Arizona (great place in the winter!).  They now have a lovely daughter, Aeryn. Nicole and granddaughter Madeliene better known as “Maddie” (I'm officially an Opa – 3x now!) Nicole & Maddie live in Sacramento, California. Oliver finished his training as Krankenpfleger and lives in Ditzingen and works in the Dialysis Center in Leonberg. Nicole married Alex in 2008 and we now have a beautiful grandson- Vincent. They currently live in Munich and both work for Consulting firms.
Occupation: Happy to say, officially RETIRED and enjoying every minute of retired life! Gertraud is trying to teach me the Lidl and Aldi way of life with very limited success so far.

Hobbies: According to Gertraud, way too many! but they include:  
  • Radio Controlled Model Airplanes (both building & flying - Large to Giant size). Did I say Giant?   
  • Woodworking, both functional and decorative (received numerous awards)  
  • Photography,  
  • Naturally - computers,  
  • Clogging (a very avid and active hobby).
  • Square Dance Calling since 1973 in Panama Canal Zone. Calling for dancers in Panama, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Czech, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Egypt, Morroco, Cyprus, and Malta.
  • Past President of the Mediteranean Callers Association (MACTA)
  • Active member of ECTA

Thanks for dropping by. If you would like to see more of our activities please feel welcome to visit out website at http://www.gagne.de
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